Hey, Brooks here, thanks for looking me up!

The essence of connecting with others is very important and impactful in my life. I want to share the struggles and blessings through my paintings just as others do in their eveyday lives. If there is anything that reminds you of beauty, strength, and hope, I want to paint it for you! I paint because I know that we all go through pain, defeat, strength, beauty, tranquility and love! Let me brighten your space! If it reminds you of taking a break or vacation, I’m your girl!

I am a woman of faith, busy mommy of two, artist, and fitness instructor. Born in Cali, Colombia and raised in NYC, I grew up fascinated by the differences in my Hispanic and American cultures and the history and cultures of others around me. I especially enjoyed drawing and painting anything that captivated my mind and soul; mostly calm settings to get away from the city life. 

As an artist today, I specialize in creative artwork of nature, animals, exotic cultures, and some fluid artwork that resemble precious geode rocks. I love the use of various mediums, yet I must admit that I have a soft spot for acrylic paint.