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What goes into an original artwork?

Hours of manual labor using mediums and tools (brushes,etc) to create a composition.

What is a print?
Print is a photo copy of an original artwork.

What kind of paintings can I request?
Fluid artwork (poured art) is so much fun to create and has versatility to combine with a variety of accessories in your space! We can discuss what color scheme best matches your energy!
Moreover, my best Fine Arts are: ocean and nature views, animals, culture and tropical scenes.

Portrait requests are not accepted at this time.

What is fluid artwork and what medium do you use?
They are selected fluid colors poured in various ways to form a freestyle abstract composition. I prefer sticking to acrylic medium!

If a painting is already sold can I request the same one in original form?
Yes absolutely! It brings me great pleasure that we share similar energies – I would not mind painting an existing one again!
However, reproductions like these may vary from the first original and I always recommend to give it a little change here and there to make it unique.

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